Disability Insurance

Very few of us think that an illness will strike, keeping us from working and without any income coming in. But the fact is that this can occur at any age…whether you’re 30 or 60.

With a Short-Term Disability policy, you can provide employees with an extra layer of protection should an illness or injury prevent them from working. What’s more, this type of insurance can be added as a voluntary benefit option in your Group plan.

A Disability insurance policy pays benefits (a monthly amount that is a percentage of gross income) for a period of time while an employee is disabled. The amount of disability insurance benefits is based on the individual’s needs as well as the length of time the benefits are payable. A Benefits specialist will be happy to discuss this with those employees who choose to include this coverage in their plan.

What’s more, a specialist can design a policy based on what the employee feels he or she can afford, his/her income requirements, the amount of monthly benefits, the period of time benefits should last, and the number of days before coverage kicks in. There are also optional riders available that you should discuss with your benefits advisor.